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High School HeartChase Fundraising


High School HeartChase is a good­cause High School adventure game. It’s a fun and frenzied pursuit of hidden rewards and healthy lives. And best of all, it’s a chance to help your community and the AHA chase away heart disease for good. Your team will compete against your classmates, face challenge and face challenges and locate Power Ups! But HeartChase doesn’t start (or end) there...


Chasing away heart disease is no small task and the AHA needs everyone’s help to make it possible. To put the fun in fundraising and jump start the competition, we’ve created a series of Game Advantage Cards that you can use to edge out the competition. Simply raise the amounts shown on the cards below and we’ll hand you these game changers on the day of your event. But you’d better hurry, the first Team Advantage card only goes to the first ten teams to reach $250. And the team with the highest donation total for your event wins a special Advantage Card all it’s own!



The more you and your team raise, the more Game Advantages your team earns!

$250 Team Total: Jump Start your Heart
Present at Game Central to get a head start in the HeartChase. Only 10 are available in each event.

$250 Team Total: Stop a Beat
Present at checkpoint to give another team a 2 minute time­out. One per team. No limit.

$500 Team Total: Skip a Beat
Present at checkpoint to skip the challenge. One per team. No limit.

#1 Team: Super CPR Counter Card
#1 Team receives the Jump Start your Heart, Stop a Beat and Skip a Beat game advantages cards.

Ready to start fundraising to support the AHA and earn Game Advantages?

GREAT! Start by becoming a RED Player!
Register and personalize your page with a photo or video and a personal story
Engage send emails and share on social media
Donate to your efforts by making a self donation
And help the American Heart Association raise critical dollars!

Detailed Steps for becoming a RED player:

Follow these 3 easy steps to start successful online fundraising!

    • Go to "FIND the Chase" to find an event near you
    • Click on Register and choose:
      • Join a Team to be a Fundraising Player on an existing team
      • Form a Team to be a Team Captain and a Fundraising Player
      • Champion to recruit other Team Captains, be a Team Captain and a Fundraising Player
    • Fill in the information required on the next screens
    • After completing registration, you will see your PLAYER CENTER.
    • Select, “EDIT MY PAGE” and personalize the text to share your story.
    • Don't forget to click SAVE when you're done!
    • Click the Photos/Video tab on the right margin to add your picture.
    • If you are a Team Leader, you can also customize our team's page. Simply click on Edit Team Page and upload photos or tell the story of why your team is playing.
  2. ENGAGE Friends through Emails and Social Media
    • Send Emails. From your Player Center, click the purple tab that says Send Email
    • Add Recipients’ Email addresses. You may import your address book and then select individual recipients from your contact list or enter single or multiple addresses you have preselected. (You have the option to import your address book. Click here for instructions.)
    • Add your subject, and then customize a sample email shown in the blue links or draft your own.
    • Under Sample Emails, click the dropdown arrow to view the type of email you would like to send.
    • Next, if desired, customize the Body of the email that you will send. You can change this message to make it more personal to you.
    • When you have filled everything in, click Preview Email (at the top of the form, right above the “to” field.) You’ll see what your email will look like to your recipients.
    • If you're satisfied, go ahead and hit Send Email (be sure to send a copy to yourself as well!)
    • Fundraise with Social Media: Also from your player page, you can select "Share" which will post messages to your Facebook wall.
    • Compose your message, and “Share” with your friends.
  3. DONATE to your campaign from your player page! Asking for support is easiest when you have given your personal support!