(hart’sāvər) n.

1. Someone who can perform Hands-Only CPR and save someone's life.

2. Someone who makes it possible for others to save a life.


Imagine... you're with someone you love. You're alone together. Their heart stops. Their life depends on you.

Could you save them? A Heartsaver could.

So how do I become a Heartsaver?

Watch this video. Now. In less than 2 minutes, you’ll learn Hands-Only CPR and become a Heartsaver!

Really. You don’t need years of training. Or fancy equipment. Just your bare hands and 2 simple steps.

Look at you! You’re a Heartsaver!
Let’s make it official, okay?

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Woo-hoo! You’re a Heartsaver now. We need people like you!

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Can’t stop! Won’t stop!

About 80% of cardiac arrests happen at home. Almost no one survives.
With your help, we can change that.

Fundraise to be an All Around Heartsaver

When you fundraise for the American Heart Association, we’ll use that money to train people in hands-only CPR. Moms and dads, sisters and brothers will be able to save their loved one’s life thanks to you!

You are the difference between life and death…the reason the next person will survive a cardiac arrest. The impact of your fundraising will be felt all around your community and country. You, Heartsaver, are amazing.

Start Fundraising Today!

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