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This site contains Web pages dedicated by family members or friends to honor their loved ones. Each page tells the story of a special person and provides the opportunity to make an online donation to our mission. 

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Go to the search page to locate the Memorial or Tribute Web Page of someone you know.

From there you can read stories, share memories, look at family photos and contribute to heart and stroke research, education, and community outreach in the name of person being honored.


Step 1: Name your page

Step 2: Tell your story about the Honoree

Step 3: Upload a digital photo of the person

Step 4: Provide the street and email address of the Honoree, or a designated Next of Kin contact, that can be notified when gifts are given in their honor.

Step 5: Review and agree to a waiver that states you have the permission of the Honoree, or the Honoree's family, to create the Web Page.

Step 6: Provide a personal donation as the Initial Gift in his or her honor.

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After creating the Memorial or Tribute Page, you can access the Memorial and Tribute Center to personalize your Web page, send email to your family and friends to ask them to visit your Memorial or Tribute Page, and more.

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