As of Thursday, April 23rd at 4pm, new teams can no longer register on this site. If you are interested in forming a team, you are more than welcome to register Saturday morning. For additional questions or concerns about Saturday's HeartChase, please contact Nicole Swansinger at See you Saturday, rain or shine!!

HeartChase is loads of fun... with a purpose!

Get your game on! HeartChase is a good-cause community adventure game. It’s a fun and frenzied pursuit of hidden rewards and healthy lives. And best of all, it’s a chance to help our community and the AHA chase away heart disease for good. Teams of 2-5 people will compete against other teams in a chase through the community. Each team will face 10 checkpoint challenges and locate hidden donations all while tracking progress in the HeartChase Mobile Game App. The team with the most points at the end of the clock wins! But HeartChase doesn’t start (or end) there...

The Chase Starts Now!

The event has a $30 registration fee per player, you can choose to make a personal donation when you register or choose to make it part of your fundraising goal as your team strives to earn Game Advantage Cards. What are Game Advantage Cards? Knowing that chasing away heart disease is no small task and the AHA needs everyone's help to make it possible. So to put the fun in fundraising and junp start the competition, we've created a series of Game Advantage Cards that are used to get a head start on chase day. The first Game Advantage Card only goes to the first ten teams to reach $100. And the team with the highest donation total wins a special, one of a kind Game Advantage Card!

How to Play and Win!

  1. Register for HeartChase. Recruit players for your team and make sure they are registered.
  2. Download the HeartChase App on your Smart Phone.
  3. Start your team fundraising efforts and earn Game Advantages!

On game day, wear your best team costume! Once the game starts:

  • Get as many points as possible by completing checkpoint challenges and finding hidden donations before the clock runs out. The HeartChase App tracks your team’s points.
  • Game Advantages will make winning easier by allowing your team to do things like skip to the front of a checkpoint line or completely skip a checkpoint and still get the points!

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